The theme of our work is sculpture made through sound. The method of this work is a white liquid jumping on a speaker. This liquid is potato starch dissolved in water. A dilantancy phenomenon is observable when the mixing the potato startch in equal amounts of water. When stimulated, the dissolved starch becomes solid, yet returns to liquid when the stimulation is stopped. It is this phenomenon that we use in our work.

A lot of shapes can be observed via stimulation of the starch. This piece has two modes of excitation: one is with a constant frequency applied in sound. The second is by using the changing frequencies of the viewer's brain waves, especially interactive when using alpha and beta waves. In some ways, our work is influenced by the idea of brainwave-modulated in Tarkovsi's SOLARIS.

The viewer can see changes shaped by his or her own brain waves. Furthermore, touching the sculpture can be part of the interaction. This is a new way to experience one's own brain waves.


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